Clumsy Sheep Lullaby

Did your child learn to play on a smartphone or tablet before to speak? :) Looks like he will like Clumsy Sheep Lullaby!  

Teach your toddler to count together with Clumsy Sheep Lullaby! The more sheep you counted together, the more you will discover the secrets and funny costumes! Dancing sheeps in caps and hats - what could be funnier?

Beautiful graphics and music, charming characters and simple controls - players of all ages love Clumsy Sheep Lullaby. Your child will not only have fun, but also repeat the numbers and be able to sleep soundly. Finally, lateness in the kindergarten will be over! :)

Play, count, put your own records! Ready to fall asleep? Turn lullaby at the end of the game and go to sleep quietly with cute yawning sheep.