TurnOn has been Greenlit!

Once again we have good news!

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TurnOn has been Greenlit by the Community! It took us 12 days to collect nearly 2,000 votes "for" and get to the place 94 in the top 100 among more than 1800 games that are currently trying to get on Steam.

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Given that Steam Greenlight constantly evolved, and besides Valve announced its processing, numbers and results that we have can be a cause for pride. It turned out that getting Greenlit was a little easier than we expected. A week later, we have already collected 1,852 votes and were in the top 100, but to suppose that the cherished goal is close, we did not dare.


More detailed information we explained and analyzed in the article "Promoting indie-game on Steam Greenlight" on Habrahabr:http://habrahabr.ru/post/255877/.

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Sure, to get the "green light" as soon as possible, we have worked hard, and we want to thank all who helped us a lot on this way:

During these 12 days we prepared gameplay video of level "Monument Bulb Street":

And our game designer Ilya Antonov made few new arts and renders for the game that we want to share with you:

IndieDB new art 04

IndieDB new art 02

From this point we'll work harder not to deceive your expectation and justify your trust! We'll not let you down!  As we said TurnOn will be released during 2015, sure you can still follow and influence on the dev process here: