Interesting games from Imagine Cup 2015 Russian Final

17-18 April 2015 has been held the Russian Final of the world's largest technology competition Imagine Cup, which was attended by 21 student teams from all over Russia. These guys are traditionally presented their projects in three categories: "World Citizenship", "Innovations" and "Games", participation in the last of which ended with victory for our studio last year.

ic 2015 russia

Sure we decided to take part in this significant event for us, we could not miss this event for several reasons: here are the unique atmosphere and the spirit of competition, huge number of talented and ambitious young people come from the whole country, and also around the competition was formed a professional and competent community during last years. Evgenii Romin was invited as a jury member in our favorite nomination "Games", we had participated as spectators, met a lot of new friends and got new connections and just had a good time.

It is worth noting that over the years the level and quality of projects consistently growing and winners were really the best. For more information of all the winners you can read, for example, here or watch good report here (caution: Russian!), but we want to share with you the projects from "Games".


There were 7 different games on different platforms and different degrees of development. In this table you can find some links on those projects, which were in stores before the Imagine Cup Russian Finals was started:

Title Links Groups on Comments

I place


Awesome team from St. Petersburg, these guys first met 2 months ago on hackathon, where they came up with this game. You can follow their dev process also here

Instead of a beautiful description we're strongly recommend to check this "black and white" game!

II place
Twins Memory Game
Windows Phone Noteworthy is the fact that this project was represented by two girls. In their group you can find other applications and games.

III place
East Westwood

Google Play

Windows Phone

  Was a pleasure to play in East Westwood the two of us, three of us, four of us. To understand what is at stake - just download and enjoy.

I Wish…

Windows Store Very kind and the beautiful game from the team of our home city about sky wish-fulfilling lanterns. Even a little bit and they could be in the top three winners.

World of Sea Battle

PC Work on the project has been going on for 2 years. Work on the project has been going on for 2 years. This game was awarded by GameInsight as the most technologically advanced in the track.

Code Initium

PC Cyberpunk game with lots of mechanic in it. One member of the team was a prototype for main character.
Lory Voice Reader Windows Phone This project was presented in the "Innovation" category, but it is worth mentioning it in this table. The team has been developing apps using speech technology, the project you can appreciate just downloading the app from the store.

Join the group of developers, download their games and appls, give them any feedback. From our experience, we can say that it is very necessary at all stages of the project: so you can help make the project better, more interesting, more useful, etc.

3 winners of each category are now eligible to compete for participation in the international final, which will be held again in Seattle this summer, we in turn hope that Russia will again submit game project.

Instead of a conclusion: we recommend to you to participate in the Imagine Cup, if not as finalists, then at least as spectators. There is always spectacular, interesting and cool.

About our experience of participation in the Imagine Cup read other articles in our blog.