TurnOn coming to Steam and Xbox One on June 1st 2016!

Finally it's happened! TurnOn coming to Xbox One and Steam on June 1st 2016!

Well! After more than 2 years of hard work we're very proud to announce that TurnOn got an official release date. In this electric sidescroller puzzle-platformer without platforms we tried to tell what can happen if the electricity suddenly dissapears. We mean at all. Electrical appliances will stop working, it will no lights on the streets, no Internet, mobile communications, and people will take to the street to see what was going on. Can you conceive it?!

Being small indie team-of-4, we tried to make TurnOn as good as it was possible, and we hope you'll appreciate our debut game on Xbox One, PC and Mac.

The game will be available on 19 languages with ESRB:10 and PEGI:3 age ratings.

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